Shanghai Longway Special Glass Co., Ltd. is one professional glass supplier and dedicate to produce the best glass products through the developement of glass material application and processing techniques, most glass products are mainly applied in the fields of Lighting, Industries, Optics, Electronics, Decoration and Gifts & Arts...

The main processing equipment includes coal-controlled furnace,electrical melting furnace,annealling machine,various molding machine,Spin casting machine, Cutting&Polishing machine,tempering machine etc. which brings us strong capability and wide product category

Due to the various property of raw glass material and its application, it's a long way from the idea to the actual products, ,it's hard for clients to choose the qualified supplier for their ideal products, sometimes, it's also a challenge for manufacturer, but our engineers alway take affort to study the material and technique and have gtotten high progress in improving the quality and the cost. For us, it's able to offer various specialist in the design and the selection of technique and material, so, any client can get our good products or helpful advice about the glass processing details even though they are a newer in this fields.


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Main processing range from the view of raw glass material,techniques and products
Raw material
Optical glass,Borosilicate glass,Borofloat 3.3,Pyrex,Soda lime glass,Float glass,Crystal glass
Main Techniques
Molding or Die casting,Spin casting,Cutting,Grinding,Polishing,Tempering,Heat Melting,Sandblasting,Frosting,Mouth Blowing
Optics,Lighting,Industries,Electronics, Electrical apparatus,Decoration,Construction,Lab,Cooking,Gifts&Crafts etc.
Lamp cover, Lamp shade, Glass cover, Glass Shade, Light shade, Light cover, Glass sheet, Glass lens, Optical lens,Temper glass, Stage lens, LED lens, Reflector lens, Sight lens, Front lens, Refractor, Molded lens, Spot lens, Flood lens,Filter lens,Quartz lens,Sapphire lens,Plano lens, Plano convex lens, Plano concave lens, Spheric lens,Aspheric lens,Glass Ball lens, Flat lens, Round lens, Fresnel lens, Magnifier lens,Microsope lens,Bi concave lens,Bi convex lens, Meniscus lens,Ashtray,Glass Tubeā€¦
Optical lens by Optical glass
Glass lens by Pyrex 3.3
Glass shade
Borofloat 3.3
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