Borosilicate glass 3.3 from China is similar to the Pyrex made by Corning. It usually has two raw material shape, one is borosilicate glass rod, another is borosilicate float glass,which to be used depends on the product design due these raw material are processed by totally different equipements.

Application: Lighting system, Electronics, Electrical apparatus, Industries, Construction e.g.Lamp cover, Lamp shade, Glass cover, Glass Shade, Light shade, Light cover, Glass sheet, Glass lens, Optical lens, Temper glass, Stage lens, LED lens, Reflector lens, Sight lens, Front lens, Refractor, Molded lens, Spot lens, Flood lens, Plano convex lens, Plano concave lens, Aspheric lens, Ball lens, Flat lens, Round lens, Fresnel lens, Glass filter, Magnifier, Meniscus lens,Glass disk,Glass window…

The physical index of borosilicate glass:

Refractive Index: 1.473@587.6nm

Density: 2.23+/-0.02 g/cm3

Modulus of elasticity: 64 x 103 n/mm3

Coefficient of thermal expansion: 3.3+/-0.1 x 10-6/K

Optical transmission in usable range (wavelength breakdown):90-92%

Working point: 1260+/-20

Softening point: 820+/-10

Annealing point: 560+/-10

Strain point: 510+/-10

Transformation temperature: 525+/-1.5

Dielectric constant: 4.6

Plano lens
Aspheric lens
Aspherical lens
Optical lens
Linear lens
LED lens
LED lens
Meniscus lens
Front lens
Concave lens
Stage lens
Fresnel lens
Lamp shade
Spot lens
Glass shade
Lamp cover
Magnifier lens
Plano convex lens
LED lens
Light shade
Glass cover
Sight lens
Pattern lens
Flood lens
Cylindrical lens
Optical lens
Glass disk
Pyrex wafer
Temper glass lens
Optical glass window
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