Borosilicate glass is an ideal material of lighting parts and mostly used for high-power illumination systems or in high-temperature environments such as air port, shipper, building, other dangerious area.

High quality: Good transparency; Resistance to high-temperature shock and high-pressure

High thermal shock and high pressure resistance;Low thermal coefficient of expansion;Alkali and Acid Resistance

Application: Lighting system, Electronics, Electrical apparatus, Industries, Construction e.g.Lamp cover, Lamp shade, Glass cover, Glass Shade, Light shade, Light cover,Glass lens, Temper glass, Stage lens, LED lens, Reflector lens, Sight lens, Front lens, Refractor, Molded lens, Spot lens, Flood lens,Glass disk,Glass window…

Glass shade
Glass cover
Lamp shade
Lamp cover
Light shade
Stage lens
Fresnel lens
Lamp shade
Linear glass cover
Glass lamp shade
Light cover
Moulded glass shade
Glass lens
Frosted glass
Sandblast glass
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