The glass products are mostly made through Grinding&Polishing, Tempering, Moulding, Blowing, Spin casting, Heat-Melting, etc., the processing equipments are totally different, how to select the technique and material depends on the design and raw material. It's very important to choose the right technique and materials if we want to get glass items with high quality .


Spin casting
Blowing Pressing
Heat melting

The Moulding process or Pressing process is one widely-used technique in the production of glass products. It's the pressing of glass into a mold with a metal instrument and extensively used to produce a large number of products such as dinnerware, drinkwares, glass Arts&crafts, lighting accessories..




The Glass Blowing process is the precessing of blowing molten glass through a hollow pipe (by mouth or machine), the glass is then shaped with metal tools, stone or wooden molds. It's commonly used to produce varieties of glassware such as Tablewares, Labwares, Container for liquid... . This process is far more complex than the apparent commonality of the goods it produces.




The Spin casting process is that the glass in a mold is spun with quick speed and then shaped with mold, the spinning speed is controled by machine anutomatically.




The Glass Heat Melting process is to increase the temperature up to the melting point of glass in furnace ,and then make the glass shaped with molds. the float glass is mostly used as the raw material in this processing that could be toughed, cut, polished ,drilled for different design..


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